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Personal care & Detergents



In this field, our MEICELL® HEC ’s excellent features are as follows:

1. Good dispersion in cool water.

2. Good thickening effect.

3. Good emulsification and foam stability.

4. Good compatibility and system stability.

5. Safety, and cannot be absorbed by human body.

6. High transmission. 


Shampoos: MEICELL® HEC can stabilize foams so that shampoos can have better lather characteristics. Normally, MEICELL® HEC products act as thickener in shampoos, and the thickener property doesn’t depend on a high surfactant which means shampoo products can be designed for all kinds of har with lots of flexibility.

Creams and Lotions: MEICELL® HEC products can contribute film-forming and thickening properties which result in excellent after-feel and other sensory characteristics.

Body Gels: In this field, MEICELL® HEC can improve product flow, aid in dispensing and enhance sensory characteristics.

Detergent: Excellent emulsification and foam stability and it can keep bubble stable in the solution and give the solution a good application property.


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MEICELL® In Detergent


MEICELL® In Personal Care