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Product Description

MEICELL® HPS General Properties

MEICELL® HPS (Hydroxy Propyl Starch Ether) can impart unique properties to cement and gypsum based products. It has the similar chemical structure with HPMC that not only provide HPMC-like function, but also has good compatibility with other building additives. In combination with HPMC, MEICELL® HPS can play a better thickening effect, with better crack resistance and improve workability. And by adding starch ether, the cost of the mortar formulation can be significantly reduced.

1. Appearance: white powder, good fluidity

2. It has good water solubility; Aqueous solution is transparent and colorless with good stability.

3. It is stable with acid and alkali. Gelatinization temperature is lower than original starch. Viscosity stability is better than the original starch in hot and cold conditions.

4. Viscosity is not changed with salt and sugar

5. Freeze-thaw stability and transparency is better than the original starch.

Chemical Structure of MEICELL® HPS      


Roles of MEICELL® HPS in Construction Industry

1. Rapid thickening ability is available

2. Medium viscosity and high water retention

3. Economic, use little addition to get high effect

4. It can be used together with MC and HPMC/HEMC  to reduce the amount of cellulose ether

5. It can improve the sagging resistance ability to prevent the sliding and flowing when coated or pasted.

6.  Its lubrication can make operation smooth 


Comparison Between HPS and Cellulose Ether

1. Difference in naming of modification

2. Working mechanism

3. Retarding effect

4. Application properties

5. Combining starch ethers and cellulose ethers.