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Nomenclature & Classification



For example: MPK-15ZS

(Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose with viscosity 15,000 mPas, delayed solubility) 


Modified MEICELL® (MGC grade)

MEICELL® MGC grades are finely modified to enhance the rheological properties of cellulose ethers in accordance with various utility necessities such as additional thickening, better workability, less stickiness, longer open time, etc.


Modified MEICELL® grades are specially produced through chemical reactions or physical mixing of organic or inorganic additives. The viscosity range varies from under 50mPa·s to over 80,000mPa·s.


MEICELL® (HPMC/HEMC) General Properties

MEICELL® cellulose ether general properties are as follows but single MEICELL® product or specific modified product show these properties to varying degrees and may have additional properties that are desirable for specific application.

Organic solubility

MEICELL® is soluble in some organic and organic-water solvent systems due to the special hydrophobic groups in its molecules, and this provides a special combination of organic solubility and water solubility.



MEICELL® cellulose ethers can stabilize the emulsions by means of reducing surface and inter facial tensions and by thickening the aqueous phase.


Thickening effects

MEICELL® increases solution’s viscosity, and improves adhesion performance, and suspension system stability is also increased. Generally, the viscosity is highly related to the molecular weight, chemical type, and concentration of the specific MEICELL® product.

Water solubility

MEICELL® can easily dissolves in cold water. Surface-treated products can be added directly to aqueous systems. This excellent property provides exceptional handling flexibility and control of solubilization rate. Although our MEICELL® untreated MEICELL® products are soluble in cold water, they must be completely dispersed in the water to prevent lumping.


Water Retention

MEICELL® can effectively reduce water loss of its formulations when applied to water absorbing surfaces. And, this is valuable in ceramics, coatings on adsorbent construction substrates, food products, and many other applications.

Enzyme resistance

MEICELL® products anti-fungi and bacterial property provides excellent viscosity stability for long time. Also, they can provide excellent viscosity stability for a long time period.

Film formation

MEICELL® can form clear, tough and flexible film and provide excellent anti-oils and greases properties. Especially in food applications, this property is often used to retain moisture and prevent oil absorption during cooking.

Non-ionic charges

MEICELL® is compatible with other additives in aqueous solutions and can also create a stable combination when dissolved in water.

pH stability

MEICELL® is stable in the range of pH 6.0~10.0. However, the solubility can be affected by acid or alkali.



MEICELL® cellulose ethers are normally used as high-performance binders for pigments, paper, tobacco products, pharmaceutical products and foods.



MEICELL® ’s lubricant property improves workability and processing of cement bases and ceramic base extrusions. Also, MEICELL® products can improve pump ability of concrete and spray plasters, such as stucco, and in food applications as lubricity aids in extrusion and other forming processes.


Surface activities

MEICELL® products are often used as surfactants in aqueous solutions to provide emulsification, protective colloid action, and phase stabilization.

Thermal gelation

MEICELL® products becomes gel form when the temperature goes up to a specific level. The gel returns to its original solution state upon cooling.


Our cellulose ether products have various features and main features are as follows:


1. Stable air voids

2. specific consistency alteration for simple workability

3. improved substrate adhesion for building materials

4. selective control of rheology for improved workability

5. Short time in building up of a temperature-stable high-water retention ability

Low addition rates to the formulation