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HPS (Hydroxy Propyl Starch Ether)
STARCELL® can impart unique properties to cement and gypsum based products.

It has the similar chemical structure with HPMC that not only provide HPMC-like function, but also has good compatibility with other building additives.

In combination with HPMC, MEICELL® , STARCELL®can play a better thickening effect,
with better crack resistance and improve workability. And by adding starch ether, the cost of the mortar formulation can be significantly reduced.

  • Appearance: white powder, good fluidity
  • Good water solubility; Aqueous solution is transparent and colorless with good stability.
  • stable with acid and alkali. Gelatinization temperature is lower than original starch. Viscosity stability is better than the original starch in hot and cold conditions.
  • Viscosity is not changed with salt and sugar
  • Freeze-thaw stability and transparency is better than the original starch.
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