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MEICELL®HPMC/HEC Pharmaceutical grade cellulose ethers can be heated and mixed with plasticizers for extrusion or molding into a wide range of physical forms.

Formulators use such products to design single-unit matrix tablets, soft gel capsule replacements, and multi-particle delivery systems using extruded beads or shaped chips.

  • Controlled Viscosity in Liquid

    In oral and topical liquids, MEICELL® Duracoat series cellulose ethers are excellent thickeners. Because they have surfactant properties, they can contribute to product stability.
    In products like antacids, MEICELL® Duracoat series cellulose polymers act as suspension agents; their water retention properties are useful in bulk laxatives.

MEICELL® Duracoat series are also used as demulcents in ophthalmic solutions.

MEICELL® Viscosity(Mpas)
Duracoat®E-3 2.4~3.6
Duracoat®E-5 4.0~5.0
Duracoat®EP-5 4.0~5.0
Duracoat®EP-6 5.0~6.0
Duracoat®EP-15 13.5~16.5
Duracoat®EP-50 45~55
Duracoat®FP-4 4.0~5.0
Duracoat®FP-40Y 3,000~5,600
Duracoat®KP-10X 90~110
Duracoat®KP-40Y 3,600~4,400
Duracoat®KP-15Z 13,500~16,500
Duracoat®KP-100Z 90,000~110,000
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