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Personal care

The reason is the host of important performance properties that these multi-functional ingredients deliver.
In many cases, MEICELL® Duracoat can replace two, three, or more ingredients, even though it is added in extremely low concentrations.
Beyond offering thickening, binding and surface active properties, MEICELL® Duracoat products act as film formers, suspension aids, lubricants, lather enhancers/stabilizers, emulsion stabilizers, gelling agents, and dispersants.
It is the unique combination of properties that sets cellulose ethers apart from other water soluble polymers.
The result is an ability to improve personal care product formulations.
It also allows the creation of entirely new hair care, skin care, bath and cosmetic products because product performance can often be achieved with fewer ingredients, greater control, and greater economy.

  • Binding
  • Viscosity control/gelling
  • Lubricity
  • Lather enhancement/stabilization
  • Emulsion stabilization
  • Film formation
  • Suspending properties
  • Surface activity
  • Dispersion aid
Duracoat®15ZS 13,500~16,500
Duracoat®70ZS 63,000~77,000
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